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    About AOL Desktop Gold

    AOL Desktop Gold is a one-stop destination for offering a range of AOL services. It is a paid application having great speed and enhanced security features that protect it from hacking or unauthorized use. With AOL Desktop Gold Download, you can enjoy browsing, accessing emails, gaming, watching movies, chatting, reading news, etc with premium security features. It is a program suite that is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices providing the ultimate experience to premium users. 

    How to Access AOL Gold?

    Get an advanced subscription or membership plan of AOL Desktop Gold software by just paying a small amount and then get a link on your registered email ID or under the product section of AOL. 

    System Requirements for AOL Desktop Gold Download

    Before going ahead to download the AOL Desktop Gold, there are a few system requirements that you need to fulfill. Have a look at the below minimum system requirements:

    For Windows Device 

    To download the AOL Desktop Gold on the Windows device, check out the below-mentioned system requirements:

    RAM Space: Min. 1024 MB

    Hard-Disk Space: Min. 512 MB

    Processor: 266 MHz or above

    Internet Connection: Broadband, Wireless, or DSL

    Downloading Agent: Any Windows supporting the web browser you are using

    OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10

    Standard Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

    For Mac Devices

    To get the AOL Desktop Gold software on the Mac devices, you need to fulfill the below-mentioned system requirements:

    RAM Space: Min. 1GB

    Hard-Disk Space: Min. 0.5GB

    Processor: Min. 266 MHz

    Internet Connection: Broadband or Wireless

    Downloading Agent: Any Mac supporting the web browser you are using

    OS: Mac OS X or higher

    Standard Screen Resolution: 800×600

    How To Download AOL on Windows 10

    Check out the below-mentioned instructions step-by-step to get AOL Desktop Gold on your Windows PC:

    Signup to AOL

    If you are a new user then the first step is to create an account. Open an internet browser from your Windows computer and visit the official website of AOL Desktop Gold. Tap on the membership plan and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to create an account on AOL. 

    Buy Membership Plan

    After creating an account on AOL Desktop Gold, visit the login page and enter all essential details to sign in. Purchase a premium version of the AOL Windows version under the subscription option.

    Get AOL Desktop Gold Software

    Tap on the started button and search for the download link to get the AOL desktop Gold on your Windows computer. Once you found the link, click on it to begin the downloading process. 

    Finish the Process

    Run the downloaded file to install the AOL Desktop Gold software on your Windows computer. Accept the terms and conditions displayed on the screen and finish the process. 

    Steps To Download AOL on Mac

    Go through the below-mentioned steps to get AOL Desktop Gold for Mac OS :

    AOL Desktop Gold Download
    1: Create an Account on AOL

    Open an internet browser from your Mac OS and go to the AOL Desktop Gold official website. Tap on create an account and enter all the required details properly. After that, log in to the AOL account from your Mac device. 

    2: Buy AOL Desktop Gold Subscription

    Purchase the subscription of AOL Desktop Gold according to your requirement. For Mac devices, you can get a premium subscription. Tap on the email services option and log in to the account that you have created.


    3: Desktop Gold Setup

    Check out the email message and find an email started with AOL Desktop Gold. Once you find it, tap on the link given under that email to download the AOL Desktop Gold.

    4: Complete the Process

    Find the downloaded file and double-click on it to install the software. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup process of AOL Desktop Gold. 

    AOL Desktop Gold Download

    Request for Call Back

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    What Features Makes you Love AOL Desktop Gold?

    AOL Desktop Gold is a one-stop software that offers you multiple access and enriches the experience of users in the best possible way. Look at the below-mentioned ultimate features supported by AOL that make it superior. 

    Enhanced Protection

    Security is the top priority for AOL. Offers a premium level of security mode through password protectors and double authentication passwords.

    Import-Export Data

    Import and export the data securely and easily with AOL Desktop Gold without waiting for a longer duration. 

    Easy to Access

    Access the premium security tab under the setting window and easily select or deselect the features that you don’t want to use.  

    Programmed Refresh

    In-built programmed refresh feature. Just download AOL Desktop Gold and it will update automatically whenever a new update is available. 

    One-Stop Platform

    With the AOL Desktop Gold software, you don’t need to go anywhere. Easily perform other tasks like exchanging email, watching movies, playing games, reading news, chatting with friends, and many more.

    Anti Keylogging Option 

    AOL Desktop Gold software comes with random alpha-numeric characters that display your content in a different way. 

    Best Way to Assist

    Just click on any AOL Desktop Gold-related issues and get the user-manual guide in detail on your finger-tip. 

    Get AOL Desktop Gold 

    Having trouble in downloading the AOL Desktop Gold? Tap on the link for an immediate solution associated with AOL software. 

    Install AOL Desktop Gold

    Check out the simple instructions to install the AOL Desktop Gold on Windows and Mac OS whatever you are using. Resolve the issue easily in just one click. 

    Update AOL Desktop Gold 

    Have you installed an updated version of the AOL Desktop Gold? Follow this link to get the latest available version of the software on your device. 

    Get Full Assistance

    Want full assistance support for AOL Desktop Gold? Our experts are available all around the clock to help you. Just make a call or chat with us at our toll-free number and fix the problem immediately. 

    User Manual Guide

    One-stop platform to resolve the issue with AOL Desktop Gold. We have the solutions for all the questions from AOL Desktop Gold setup to improving the AOL performance. Just follow the link. 

    Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold

    Encounter issues with the AOL Desktop Gold? Hit on the link and follow the troubleshooting tricks to fix the issue.

    Unable to resolve the issue under the above-mentioned categories, make a call directly to our technical expert team to diagnose the AOL Desktop Gold issues.

    Troubleshooting AOL Gold Problems

    Look at the below three biggest AOL Desktop Gold problems encountered by the majority of users. To help the users in fixing these issues, we have described some best solutions for it. Check it out.

    Unable to Open AOL Desktop Gold 

    If you are trying to access the AOL Desktop Gold from your system and every time you get an error message saying that “Can’t open AOL Desktop Gold”, then go through the below troubleshooting tricks to resolve the issue:

    1: Firstly, you have to check your internet connection. Make sure that you have a stable and high-speed internet connection.

    2: Run any antivirus software on your computer or laptop whatever you are using for a quick scan and remove the suspicious file from it.

    3: Unable third-party security software.

    4: Remove all the contrary files from your computer.

    5: Uninstall the corrupted drivers from your system.

    6: Renew the AOL Desktop Gold software.

    7: Make sure that your system fulfills all the requirements that are needed to install the AOL Desktop Gold.

    8: Delete corrupt or damaged files from your computer.

    9: Delete the browsing history from your system by accessing the browser settings.

    Still unable to access the AOL Desktop Gold then we suggest you connect with our professional support team by either calling us at our helpline number or leave your message in a chat window to fix the issue immediately.

    AOL Desktop Gold is Not Responding 

    Are you feeling very frustrated when you work urgently on AOL Desktop Gold and it is not responding? Look at the below tricks to fix the AOL Desktop not responding issue:

    1: Make sure that your system is compatible with the AOL Desktop Gold software. 

    2: Sometimes, a simple restart of the system resolves the problem. Try to restart the system and allow RAM to clear up.

    3: Ensure that your system is connected with a stable and high-speed internet connection to avoid connectivity-related issues.

    4: Update your AOL Desktop Gold software from time to time with the latest available version.

    5: Scan your device to detect viruses or malware that prevent your software from launching. If you find any then delete them immediately.

    6: Search for the source file of AOL Desktop Gold. In case, you didn’t find it then reinstall the software.

    7: If AOL Desktop Gold is not working fine then uninstall it and reinstall the software again. 

    8: Make sure to disable the firewall and anti-virus software

    9: Restore the windows settings to the default.

    If each of the steps mentioned above fails then it is recommended to call our helpline number to talk with our expert team or chat with them to get an immediate solution to the problem.

    Common Issues that You May Face with AOL Desktop Gold

    Issues are bound with the technical device from which you can’t run away. A better way is to determine the issue and fight back against it. Take a look at the below-mentioned issues list that you may experience with AOL Desktop Gold. 

    • Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold

    • AOL Desktop is crashing

    • Desktop Gold is running slow

    • Can’t log in to your AOL account

    • Unable to open AOL Desktop Gold

    • Subscription of AOL mail is expired

    • Issues with the cache memory of AOL

    • AOL Desktop Gold 104 error

    • Desktop Gold is not running properly

    • Unable to play games on AOL Desktop

    • Missing icon on AOL Desktop Gold 

    • Software is not responding

    • AOL Desktop installation failed

    • Stuck in the middle of downloading AOL

    • Internet connectivity issue

    • Issue in the upgrading of AOL

    • System update failure issue

    Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Issues

    Frequently Asked Question for AOL Desktop Gold

    You cannot install the AOL desktop Gold on any of the mobile devices as it is developed for only desktop or computer devices. Therefore, no matter what mobile device you are using, you can’t able to get the AOL desktop gold software on it.
    To delete the history from the AOL Desktop Gold, you first need to log in to the software. After that, tap KEYBOARD on the menu bar and select the keyboard option and enter the Browse settings under the dialog box. Hit on the clear footprints option to delete the history.
    AOL Desktop Gold is a server-based software whose all the information is saved on the server such as contacts, chat, emails, and the login details of AOL. So, make sure that your device has a high-speed internet connection before accessing AOL Desktop Gold.
    Of course, it is important to update the AOL Desktop Gold from time to time whenever the new version is available as it may stop the software from responding. The upgrading of the software will help in removing the bugs from the software.
    There are different plans that you can opt to use the AOL Desktop Gold application. The amount will depend on the subscription plan that you have taken for AOL. The minimum price for the membership of the AOL desktop Gold without tax is $4.99. The tax amount would be different according to the region and location where you live.
    It totally depends on you whether you want to purchase a membership plan for AOL desktop Gold or not. If you want to use the features of the application such as music, movie, chat, news, etc then you have to pay an advanced membership plan every month otherwise there is no need to get to pay any amount for it. If you do not purchase any membership plan then you can only access the old contacts and emails stored on the AOL Desktop Gold application.
    Yes, you can chat on AOL Desktop Gold software by using its chat feature but for this, you have to purchase an advanced membership plan.
    If your AOL desktop gold software stops responding then there are certain steps that you need to perform. Firstly, switch off the computer for some time and then turn it on by pressing the power button. Now, try to open the AOL Desktop Gold application, and if you get an error then uninstall the old version of the software. At last, visit the official AOL website and reinstall the software.